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Pondlife Workshop is very much a family run business situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty by the Suffolk coast. We have been producing bespoke small craft for over 10 years. In addition to the huge quantity of boats we have also had the pleasure of working alongside some well known names such as: Dune, Joules, Ted Baker, Jelly Cat & the National Theatre to name but a few.

Pondlife Workshop is a husband and wife team. Mark taking care of the workshop (with occasional help from Terri!), Terri looks after the business side and creates the beautiful fitted covers to protect the boats.

All of our materials are sources in Britian, using only sustainable European oak in construction. We aim to create minimum impact on the environment.

Mark workshop.jpg


I have a life long passion for boats and have been building commercially for over 10 years. Every element is made from scratch, every detail down to the new moulds and new products. I am always pushing myself with new products and new ideas, creating constant improvement. My main interest is sailcraft in every form, this is an area we are looking to further develop.

Terri workshop_edited.jpg


I create all the fitted covers for our range of boats and weave the webbed seats for some of the premium boats. Working from a purpose built space at the back of our house, set in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. Alongside the covers for our boats I have created fantastic bespoke covers for larger boats, boat tents and even canvas for outdoor garden spaces like 'Kindling Cottage' the outdoor space that we use (see image below).

Terri workshop_edited.jpg
Kindling cottage_edited.jpg

Kindling Cottage

Mark has built this outdoor entertaining space and 'sail loft' using 100% reclaimed materials costing £0.

Terri's bespoke canvas cover allows this space to be used throughout the year.

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