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Atlas Barge Boat

We are delighted to announce that we will be able to produce these sensational boats with our trading partner Wildway Boats in 2024 including a full sailing version. This 14 foot boat is very flexible and can be powered by sail, oar or a small outboard. She is wide and stable with plenty of carrying capacity.


1 Atlas History

The wooden sailing barge Atlas was built in 1895 to take bricks to London from Cremer brick fields at Oare Creek, Kent. The sailing barge Atlas is long gone and only her boat remains under the same name.

2 Atlas History

After her original barge boat wore out another 13.7t barge boat was built in about 1949 by Cremer foreman shipwright Bill Gregory who had spent a life time perfecting this type of boat. This was the last open boat Bill Gregory built, but the moulds were hung up on the wall. Othershipwrights working in the yard have used the moulds. A new boat for the barge Cabby was built from moulds made by Bill Gregory


3 Atlas History

The barge Atlas was sold to the Westwood family who lived aboard her, but when they sold the barge they kept the boat and used her for pleasure trips from Wargraves on the Thames. Eventually the barge boat Atlas finished up in Sarah Westwood's garden in Shotley, upside down and rotten in the bottom.

4 Atlas History

The boat was given to Robert Simper in 2017 and he had her rebuilt by the Pioneer Trust, Brightlingsea. Since then, as well as sailing on the River Deben, the barge boat Atlas has been sailed in Brittany, Looe and the North Norfolk.

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