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Our developments

An important part of our desire to continually refine our skills, develop new ideas, and have fun on the water!

Here are some of our latest projects.

Sailing canoe on the beach


Beautiful, Flexible, Unique

Mark has been developing this boat for a couple of years based on early experiments with a Wharram Melanesia. Following successful development in the 2021 season she will be coming into production for the 2022 season. Flexible, beautiful and completely unique, she can sailed, take a small electric aboard or paddled. If you are interested in learning more or trying one out contact

Classic small sailing boat on trailer


Classic workboat lines

Born in the wrong century this is Andy’s latest attempt to turn back the hands of time. ‘Pequod’ is an small Cornish sail boat with a high freeboard and iron shod keel to cope with beaching. She has an immensely thick mast and cotton lug sail. She will be used as a small cruising dinghy and sailing yacht tender in the river Deben estuary. Whilst under repair at the Pondlife workshop a small number of fibreglass replica boats will be made for sale during the 2022 season, complete with mast and lug sail. These will be beautiful handmade craft combining the nostalgia of olden times with the lightweight and easy maintenance of modern materials. If your interested in learning more, keeping up with progress or arranging an early test sail contact Andy.

Cruising dinghy sailing


Pocket cruising

Born out of Marks desire to create the perfect cruising dinghy. This boat is 12 feet long with sufficient space for a young family to sleep overnight.. just. She has been sailed with junk rig and motored during 2021. The next version will utilise a simple lug sail whilst retaining the sailing barge style lee boards will be trialled in 2022. If all goes well this boat is likely to come into production during 2023.

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