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Brand new in 2022.


This beautiful shaped, flat bottomed dinghy is perfect for families or boat hire business. She’s a substantial boat at around 4 metres with plenty of buoyancy and seating. The flat bottom allows this boat to be used effectively in relatively shallow water.


Built from keel up in Lloyds grade marine fibreglass and trimmed with top grade iroko for a classic finish. This strong durable boat would good in a wide range of settings. This boat is supplied including bouyany tanks with iroko slats, rope to secure and galvanised rowlocks.


We have additional options this year in addition to the ones listed with the product. You can find the ones below in the online store in the dinghy accessories section.


Extra rowing position to increase flexibility.


Additional mooring point to reduce movement when tied up to the jetty.


Pine duckboards give further wooden finish and will keep your shoes dry if some water does splash into the boat.

Angler Grande

  • We are happy to arrange shipping to get your new boat to you. Given the large size of this boat please call us to get a quote for your needs. We deliver to your property address and can't take responsiblity for your boat once it has left the van.

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