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At Pondlife Workshop, we provide angler dinghies and custom row boats perfect for inland use. Whether there’s a pond you’d like to paddle out into, a river you want to explore, or a lake you’d like to fish in, our angler dinghies will serve as your perfect exploring and rowing partner.

All of our custom row boats are manufactured from Lloyd’s approved marine grade fibreglass and trimmed in iroko.The seat frames are also iroko and the softwood slatted seats are sealed with 5 coats of yacht varnish. Our 6-foot angler dinghy comes with the choice of two different seating arrangements, depending on your intended use. The single person set-up uses an oak frame seat with woven polypropylene webbing. This keeps the weight of the dinghy down to a minimum, so it is lightweight for ease of transport. If you intend to use the dinghy as adult and child, we recommend opting for the ‘fore-aft’ bench seat. This allows you to move your weight to correct the trim of the boat. The dinghies also include galvanised row locks. Click here to see the Angler 6 in action

Angler 6

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