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Atlas is a superb and very capable 14 foot boat. A faithful replica to the original Atlas barge boat, the completed boat can be powered by oar, sail or suitable outboard motor.

This model is a complete and finished rowing boat version, without the sailing rig.

This package includes a beautifully finished GRP hull in your choice of colour.

Stunning Iroko wood trim is complete and fitted, including wooden slats on tanks, wooden gunnel trim, thwart and seating. This are all finished to a high standard and coated in 7 layers of marine varnish to ensure durability.

Moulded tanks are fitting and rowlocks provided.

This is a great boat to explore the water or use as a large tender ferrying people and kit to a larger boat as the original would have done many years ago.

Atlas Barge Boat (complete rowing boat)

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