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Clinker stem 10ft Tradman Dinghy.


Here at Pondlife Workshop, we provide Tradman dinghies constructed from the finest materials, and designed to last. All of our custom Tradman 10 dinghies are maufactured from Lloyd's approved marine-grade fibreglass and fitted out with superb quality solid iroko.


This superb boat is provided with iroko slats on the buoyancy tanks adding to the classic finish and providing further seating. The rowing bench crafted from solid iroko, rope to secure and galvanised rowlocks to complete this stunning boat.


Also included in this package is a choice of vibrant hull colour, Green, Blue, Red and White to further enhance your boat and make her your own.


This year we are introducing even more options to customise your boat, these are listed below and which are available in the accessories section of our shop.


Extra rowing position with extra pair of galvanised rowlocks.


Pine duckboards which fit into the floor of your boat.


Extra mooring point and rope.

Tradman 10

  • We are happy to arrange shipping to get your new boat to you. Given the large size of this boat please call us to get a quote for your needs. We deliver to your property address and can't take responsiblity for your boat once it has left the van.

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