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Stunning St Ives Punt built from Fibreglass and Iroko.

New last season this boat is built for those who appreciate traditional working boats but perhaps lack the time to keep a wooden boat ship-shape.

The design is taken from a century old, sea boat from the West Country. In addition to her obvious beauty this boat is immensely strong and stable with built in bouyancy tanks.

The hull shows the original clinker wooden planking with its simple beauty. This boat is immensely strong having been originally built to be dragged up and down stoney beaches.

Our current boat is fitted out for rowing and has 2 rowing positions with built in rowlock plates and galvanised row locks. Overall this boat is 3.2m length with a breadth of 1.36m and able to carry 230kg.

We have included a huge number of wooden features to provide an authentic feel both inside and out, from the wooden transom (which will support a small outboard if required) to Iroko bench, Iroko slats and duck boards inside.

When it comes to boats if you prize traditional looks or just sheer rugged beauty this is without doubt the boat for you.

If you have specific requirements or finishing touches that you are looking for we would be happy to discuss them with you.

This version comes with a balanced lug rig including wooden spars, centreboard, rudder, tiller and all required ropes to get you sailing!

St Ives Punt (sailing version)

  • We are happy to arrange shipping to get your new boat to you. Given the large size of this boat please call us to get a quote for your needs. We deliver to your property address and can't take responsiblity for your boat once it has left the van.

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