7ft Clinker stem Tradman dinghy


Here at Pondlife Workshop, we provide Tradman dinghies constructed from the finest materials, and designed to last. The Tradman dinghy works perfectly for solo sailors, or sailors that may want to provide children with their first experience on the waters.


Manufactured from Lloyd's approved marine-grade fibreglass and trimmed with oak.


This finish is for those looking for something a little bit extra. Our Premium boat is available in a range of colours, such as British Racing Green, Oxford Blue, and Ruby Red. All colours are applied as a coloured gelcoat, allowing the colours be be vibrant yet durable.


The seating for this Tradman is crafted from solid oak to enhance the classic look and added durability. Slats are added to the top of the buoyancy tanks to provide additional seating. This boat has capacity for two adults and 1 child.


There is a wide range of additional finish options to enable you to make the boat exactly to your taste.


Click here to see the Tradman 7 Premium in action

Tradman 7 - Premium finish

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