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Atlas Barge Boat fit out

Updated: Feb 21

Traditional sailing barge boat under construction
Sailing Barge Boat under construction

Following a number of enquiries last season for a fully fitted version of Atlas we are now happy to oblige!

New for this season we will be completing a full fit out of this glorious boat which has a rich history and fine sailing qualities. Building small boats is what we do so you will find quality, craftsmanship and value in all of our boats.

We have made a start, see below, the tanks have been moulded in place to provide inbuilt bouyancy. This will later be finished for hard wood strips. You can also see the cut outs in the side tanks which will hold the seats and thwart again to be crafted from Iroko planks.

Fibreglass sailing boat hull fitted with new bouyancy tanks
Atlas Barge Boat hull

And below you can see the front tank which will provides further bouyancy and will support the mast in the original lug version.

New front tank fitted to sailing boat hull
Atlas Barge Boat front tank

We are delighted how this boat is shaping up and will keep you updated on progress. We are planning to have removable wooden seats for comfort for customers wanting to use their boats overnight - that is exactly what we plan to do with this one! Also a sprit rig version is planned for later in the season.

If you are interested in a boat to make the most of your valuable spare time contact us to discuss your needs.

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