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Historic Hire Boats preserved

We have recently been working with famous Debham Vale Boatyard to develop a GRP version of their historic hire row boat. The plan will be to start replacing the fleet over the next few years.

This will allow the classic lines of these much loved boats to live on in the next generation of these beautiful hire boats.

Feel free to try out the original at Dedham Vale boat hire this summer. Along with perhaps the first of the next generation!

Here is the first hull out of the mould, showing the lovely contours of the original clinker boat.

Bespoke tank moulds then crafted to exact fit of boat.

These can then be glassed inside the new hull to provide bouyancy and structural support.

Next the wooden elements of the fit out are worked on to give a classic finish. The gunnel trim and seats are shaped from top grade Iroko which is highly durable and provides a wonderful colour when varnished.

The first boat is approaching completion and will soon be on the water.

If you are interesting in owning a boat like this get in contact. Debham Vale are happy for us to produce one of these lovely boats under licence.

We’ll update this blog when the boat is complete.

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