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New boat to join the fleet early next year!

Affectionally referred to as Pequod at our workshop - we have been working on a beautiful Cornish work boat throughout the year. We plan to release faithful GPR versions next year, the photo shoot is slated in for November.

Now the race is on to complete both GPR and wooden original in time!

Here is the GPR version with safety tanks and gunnel moulds added these will be glassed in place next week.

She will then have the centreboard case added and her woodwork added to finish her in the image of the original!

The original boat is looking a touch shabby but is now virtually watertight and ready for some sparkling new paint so she looks back to her best.

All things going well both should be taking to the water in November. More photos to follow!

If you want to learn more about this new boat get in touch.


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