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St Ives punt

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Late in 2021 we picked up a very old 10ft St Ives punt. It was our intention to take a mould from the boat to add an 'Oar & Sail' dinghy to our range and restore the original. After much fairing and sanding we reached the point of moulding

Mould being taken from traditional sailing dinghy

As the dinghy has 'tumblehome' sides we needed a spilt mould to be able to release properly. Having built up both sides the time came to remove the mould.

The mould is trimmed up and put aside for sanding and polishing. The original dinghy begins the stripping to assess work required.

Mould for new oar and sail dinghy

Before we can get on the water the fibreglass version will need a gunnel mould, tank moulds and centreboard case moulds. The spars will be douglas fir and she will sport a balanced lug.

The first boat out of the mould is being used to develop the tank moulds. This one will have a wooden gunnel.

The second boat will be used to develop the gunnel mould. We are waiting for our balanced lug kits to arrive and very much looking forward to taking them for a sail 😄

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Hi Mark, delighted to have found your website, and to see that you are have the skills/facility to create moulds from old wooden boats....

I think my boat (a Westerly 22 made in 1965) is a fibreglass copy of an earlier wooden boat.... 'Dragon' is currently moored opposite the Tide Mill and we sail up and down the Deben....

Terri Stevens
Terri Stevens
09 ก.ย. 2565

Hello Ty, The westerly 22 is a great little boat, perfect for the East Coast. All the best, Mark

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