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Wildway Outrigger

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

We have been developing our new outrigger sailing canoe over the last 2 years. Finally we are almost able to launch the preproduction prototype. When designing this craft we wanted yo achieve a number of things;

- Flat bottomed for ease of launch.

- Water tight compartments for storage and buoyancy.

- Enough volume for 2 adults and 2 small children.

- The ability to paddle as another means of propulsion.

- Finally to make the boat as dry as possible.

Outrigger sailing canoe under construction

There are a few jobs left to do and a couple of moulds to make but we are well on our way to a Spring launch. The boat will be thoroughly tested in all conditions to make sure it is seaworthy before we market it.

The sail has been redesigned to improve the upwind performance. It utilises a batten enabling sail reduction whilst afloat. Sail area has also been increased and used with a laser radial mast.

As before the set up will include a trampoline on one side for the kids and a wooden beam the other for hiking.

Update you soon!!

Mast fitting. The outrigger utilises a laser radial mast and will be free standing.

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