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Wooden boat trim refurbishment

We are now nearing completion of our winter project. Here we show the results of our sympathetic restoration of the wooden gunnels. This entails retaining as much of the original wood as possible. Given that all the spars needed replacing we have tried to save the maximum amount of hull trim. To that end the capping has been replaced and some small sections of the side strips.


And after replacing the capping and easing in small sections of wood using a scarf joint to replace any soft sections.

Wooden boat gunnels restored

In the image below you can also see the new bow sprit that we manufactured from scratch and a Samson post. This is a new feature that we added for the owner who needed a strong mooring point given the boat will be kept on a swing mooring in a strong tidal flow.

Wooden Samson post on classic boat

We have also added these fairleads to improve ease of secure mooring and add a touch of style!

We are now just down to a bit more sanding and adding the final finish of paint and varnish.

If you like what you see and would like some hand making improvements to your boat or just getting her ready for the new season contact us, we are always happy to help where we can.

Please see our other blogs for examples of other work.

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