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Restoring Picarooner flooring

Updated: Jan 9

One of our winter projects will be refurbishing this lovely old Clovelly Picarooner originally built by the famous Heard yard at Mylor Creek.

These are lovely boats with heavily laid up GPR hulls finished with wooden trim and spars.

We are happy to undertake renovations of these traditional style boats (GPR hull with wooden fit out) for customers - from full restoration like this boat, to new spars or even just sprucing up the brightwork with new varnish.

This boat had been well maintained with regular trips back home to Cornwall however she has more recently filled with water and most of the wooden parts need replacing.

We will show the various stages as we work to get this lovely boat back on the water where she belongs!

To start with the water and rotten wooden parts have been cleared out. This shows the floor bearers need work and a new floor will to required. The original deck was glassed onto the hull so the flash will need trimming and grinding back to allow the new deck to be fitted.

All of the spars will need replacement, we will manufacture them by hand using the rotten originals as templates.


Further clear out has been undertaken, the floor flashing has been trimmed back. The hatches opened to allow drying. The floor bearers need the wooden cores replaced and glassing back in to provide a solid base for the new flooring.

The centreboard bolt was also looking a bit flakey so that will be replaced following a hammer/oil/heat gun supported extraction.


Having dried out sufficiently we have found the original floor bearers need replacing. In the picture below you can see individual replacement pieces of Iroko have been crafted to replace the old ones. These will be fibreglassed in place like the originals ready to take the boards.

We'll keep this updated over the winter as we progress this beautiful little classic!


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