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Pondlife Workshop

Meet us

We here at Pondlife Workshop are experienced bespoke small boat builders specialising in iroko trimmed, fibreglass dinghies and rowing boats. We also put our boat building skills to good use restoring and renovating fibreglass and wood boats, from full restoration, to replacing spars or sprucing up brightwork. From our home in Suffolk, right next to the Deben we've developed a passion for boats and taking to the water, and we aim to offer the same passion to your boating needs.

Exciting new sail boats in 2024 St Ives Punt and 2024 Atlas Barge Boat with our trading partner Wildway Boats

Beautiful new boat built from a Traditional Cornish working boat. See the new page

Outstanding day boat suitable for family fun or dinghy cruising adventures see the Atlas page

Bespoke Boat Builders

For all of our made-to-order watercraft, we offer bespoke finishing to give your boat a distinctive touch and an unforgettable profile. Each boat is carefully built from the keel up from high-quality marine grade fibreglass (GRP) with iroko trim for dinghies. Complementing each boat are exceptional accessories from davit rings to seating, to top quality oars, all to ensure the best boating experience no matter what the setting. Our boats come in 3 ranges, for a traditional clinker look view our Tradman range, Angler if you're looking for a flat bottomed inland boat, or the classic pram style Boatman  which make excellent yacht tenders. It you would just like to browse try our store or features page which gives details of why people continue to choose our boats.

Boat restoration

We are happy to apply our boat building skills to enhance or fully restore your existing boat. We provide services for fibreglass hulled small boats with wooden trim such as Heard Tosher, Memory 19, Salterns Tela, Drascombe Lugger or Cornish Shrimpers. We can replace broken spars, tidy out brightwork or undertake a full restoration, contact us to discuss your needs.

Boat Hire for Events & Commercial Projects

In addition to custom-building beautiful dinghies, we also offer rowing boat hire and one-off commercial project build. Hire one of our impressive rowing boats for a photo shoot or special occasion, ideal for wedding photos or editorial projects. Our custom projects can become a feature of your business and an impressive talking point, or even as part of an advertising campaign.

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Buttons Farm House, Woodbridge IP12 3NL, United Kingdom

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